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About The Author


Nixon Issangya

was a gifted author from Africa. He was born and brought up in isolated – SAKILA village of Africa; in the northern part of TANZANIA in MERU-LAND area.

His remote village rests between two famous mountains: Mt. Meru and, a snow­crowned peak (Roof of Africa) Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Issangya, couldn’t design of being a writer.

Due to the fact that he was ambitious his dreams were of becoming a secular singer, an engineer, a musician, an attorney … But  the last task he could ever dream was, to write or to travel the World as he does today.

He emerged into the world of writers after his first book: Not A Religion.
Apart from his first work he has authored seventeen books such as; Stand On Your Feet ­

Vision For Mission ­

Counselling With Compassion

­ Body Of Believers: Africa

­ Good Morning God ­

Mt. Meru Mystique ­ 

Mt. Meru Martyrs

Truth Under Tree

And his autobiography of 580 pages – Tell The Nations.

Africa To America

Africa To America is author’s book concerning his personal, practical
experiences:  During his staying in the United States of America. Here, he emerged into a different world with admiration of: The world of modernization of westernization.

Nevertheless, familiarization to the western world, took him back to Africa.


He had to ignore sophisticated culture of that society; as he missed simple life with social  back-up support, at his slow­paced life­style.

In his book, the author is sharing simply to the reader; of cultural shock that he encountered. Nonetheless, he is elaborating of how he overcame as to emerge into cross­cultural experiences.
In, Africa To America; the author is presenting paramount pattern to his people:  Those with propensity to westernisation. His book is profitable to people of all walks of life.
Precisely, it conveys profound practical principles.

Before you decide to read any of his books; better make sure that you have spared enough time. You can’t afford to place it down until you are through.

His books conveys message to: Christian believers – Thinkers and scholars. He narrates African life structure and culture in the African villages. As World traveller: He has been writing through cross-cultural awareness.


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